A mini painting challenge…

With Ayton now out of the way and no real painting targets set it was time for a little planning. Ayton 2017 will be Lion Rampant based. I’ve completed the first twelve figures so no real need to re-visit that project until at least March next year! 🙂 And in November we have a To The Strongest game planned at the Foundry venue. This will use existing 15mm collections and although I may re-base some and paint the odd thing I don’t REALLY need to do anything.

So with the C18th firmly in my mind I was talking to Iain Burt (Essex Boy) and we decided that to spur on our efforts to expand/complete our C18th armies we would match each other unit for unit. Now, these are the new ‘smaller’ units so we are looking at 28-30 for a battalion (inc. command etc.) and 12 plus command for cavalry. And not to make it too much of a strain we would allow about two months a unit! That may seem a lot but life does tend to get in the way and it also leaves time to do other bits and pieces as well. We both have a unit that has been started so the schedule is:

30th June

31st August

31st October

31st December

One unit to be completed by each deadline. We can do more of so desired…

My first unit is the 2nd Altefritzenburgers. I did a tester for these ages ago:

20160509_154507and the first batch have been started and sat gathering dust for months:20160509_154528So today I cleaned up and prepared the rest of the batch:20160509_154535I’m sure Iain will post details of his plans on his blog (yes, he has one but has done sod all with it!) or he can send me pics and I will add them to my blog.

We shall see how things go…

3 thoughts on “A mini painting challenge…”

  1. Iain has a blog! he’s kept quiet about that 😀

    It will be taking me at least 10 months to decide which Lion Rampant army to do for next year so I admire your dedication!

  2. Yeh right. Like I have any idea how to keep a blog going. And where am I supposed to get the time? Some of us have to work for a living you know!

    Your toys are much more detailed than mine……I think I may have an advantage here.


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