Shall we play a game?

About a week ago I managed to clear my ‘game’ table and lay out my Mat-o-War to give me a 4×4 surface. I can extend this to 6×4 but that makes the rest of my attic a bit cramped. But a 4×4 should give me space to play a small game. The question is: what game?

I narrowed it to four options.

  1. 6mm Modern with either CWC or Sabre Squadron
  2. 15mm Punic War using To The Strongest.
  3. 15mm AWI using….not sure…
  4. 15mm ACW using Fire and Fury or Longstreet

I had not been able to make up my mind but after a long chat with Essex Boy this evening I realised I just needed to do SOMETHING!! So I dug out my 15mm terrain and threw some down.

The hedges are my 6mm ones and a little neat but will do and first thoughts are to revisit my 15mm AWI…

Still undecided on rules but I will choose soon and play a little game…

3 thoughts on “Shall we play a game?”

  1. I bet that feels better? Looking good and can’t wait to hearing the results of the contest.



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