An unsuccessful challenge…

A couple of months ago I mentioned that I had entered into a little challenge with Iain Burt (aka Essex Boy) to try and drive the painting of our C18th ImagiNation forces. The first units were due to be finished today. In true Ayton style I decided to leave my unit until quite late on in the time allowed. Partly as I was away on holiday at the start and partly because I’m stupid. Needless to say, REAL LIFE suddenly reared its ugly head and scuppered all of my plans. So the end result was I only finished the 12 figures I had already started…

20160630_211627 20160630_211601 20160630_211548And primed the rest…



Now Iain (Essex Boy) managed to finish his unit off entirely! The Erbprinz Regiment done in his usual Gateway style using Spencer Smith WAS figures. And what style! Trademark EB consistency in style and the usual outstanding flags! Happy to concede Round 1 to these!

20160630_182348 20160630_182337 20160630_182329 20160630_182316 20160630_182305 20160630_182252 20160630_182245 20160630_182228 20160630_182216 (1) 20160630_182210 20160630_182157 20160630_182143

I fully intend to finish my unit and line up something else for the next challenge which finishes end of August. Of course, Real Life is still getting in the way and I’ll likely be away for a couple of weeks but I’m sure I’ll get something done…

The workbench is starting to look a little messy:


And my plans to clear my game table have stalled:


But I’ll get there eventually!

Congrats again to Iain on a fine unit!

2 thoughts on “An unsuccessful challenge…”

  1. Lovely work by both of you.
    I have to admit that my 28mm C18th stuff may not see the light of day again for a very long time 🙁 But your figures are still truly inspirational stuff 🙂

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