Well? Shall we?

Play a game that is? I decided that I needed more scenery on the table and more trees and more suitable roads and some hills… as you do… So…

Trees. I had some Bachman trees still sat in boxes so dipped them in watered PVA and stuck  them to coins and texture and flock. Gives me a few more…

20160721_002448 20160721_002454 20160721_002501

The middle trees are an unknown make but once sealed are fine.

Roads… The ones I have were made from cheap floor tiles. They work fine but curl a little and I felt were a little too big so on the suggestion of Goat Major (see his blog for excellent stuff!) I visited Fat Franks eBay store and picked up some 6mm/10mm dirt roads. These come ready painted and are a bargain! They look good. Lie flat. Job done.


Hills. I had a few bigger Purbeck hills but I painted those for desert type use. So all I had were a few small TSS 10mm thick hills. Had a look at their site and seeing as shipping was a bit much I bought a few to make it worth while!

20160722_212223 (Custom)

Far too many for a 4’x4′ table but good for future use. And the 10mm thickness lets me contour them.

20160722_212246 20160722_212728

Quite pleased…

And after the enjoyable Fire and Fury game on Tuesday I decide I wanted to try it again so have put a corps on each side…

20160722_011035 20160722_011126

I printed out loads of info for the game and charts etc. today. And left them at work… But I hope to kick this game off tomorrow!

More anon…

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