A first try at X-Wing

My lad wanted to try the new game out ASAP so despite waiting still for the star game mat I laid out a couple of other mats, punched the components and we started the intro game. He took the bad guys! I managed to inflict damage on one TIE and he took out some of … Read more

Plan? What plan?

Last night and this morning I had a productive little session prepping some Norman crossbowmen for Ayton, some plastic SF fighter type things to use with the 1/300 chaps, and finally varnished the Altefritzenburgers I painted last year and which I still have half the unit to do. I then popped into town and nipped … Read more

Plans for 2017

Bit of a wordy post this. Sorry. 2017… plans… Not an easy one… I have two events that require preparation. Ayton over the first May Bank Holiday weekend. This is a Lion Rampant event so I need at least a 24 point force and ideally a 42 to allow for the bigger game. I’ve got … Read more

The Year Gone – 2016

Hmmm…2016. I had great plans: Complete the 20mm WSS Les Higgins brigade (hopefully) for the March game. 2-3 battalions. 1 regiment of cavalry. 1 gun and limber. Complete 2nd Battalion of Altefritzenburgers for Ayton. And maybe 12 cavalry. And some battalion guns… Probably… Modern Microarmour – finish off Belgians and Brits and sort out the … Read more