Plans for 2017

Bit of a wordy post this. Sorry. 2017… plans… Not an easy one…

I have two events that require preparation.

Ayton over the first May Bank Holiday weekend. This is a Lion Rampant event so I need at least a 24 point force and ideally a 42 to allow for the bigger game. I’ve got 12 figures painted so far…. Perfectly doable in the time but…

Mid-march we now have a small LAW gathering in the frozen North to play a 15mm Fire and Fury game. This will allow me to roll out my newly re-based troops. I need to sort a scenario and check I have everything I need. I may need to do a few more markers and a load more fences but that’s about it… I hope…

Ayton 2018 is looking like a happy return to the C18th so I’d like to do a few more bits for that.

I had a bit of a sort out last night and I think I can ID the following projects that are either in progress or never started. So in order of scale…

  • Ancient Naval – this might go…
  • C19th Naval – still tempted to do this…
  • 6mm SF –having just based up a load of these I still have a huge pile that can be painted. I think the priority is to just get a game with tee. Maybe rebase some of the single based stuff, or replace it with newly painted. And some odds and ends of flying this to add to the forces.
  • 6mm SYW – Paul Bright is kicking off a project around this and using the same basing as me so I may add a unit or two. I found I still have quite a lot of this lying unpainted… J
  • 6mm Normans for SAGA – this can go!
  • 6mm Napoleonic – have some 1806 French. I think I will sell them….
  • 6mm WW2 – originally bought for CoC. Think these Adler figures have to go….
  • 6mm Modern – might return to this later in the year and try and finish stuff off and get rid of surplus – I have way too much unpainted that will never really get done. Annoyingly the new H&R infantry look very nice… J
  • 1/300 WW2 Air – about a dozen Raiden for North Africa – never going to happen…
  • 10mm Sudan – although I have a lot of this and had plans for big battles I think the sensible option is to use it for The Men Who Would Be Kings.
  • 10mm League of Augsburg – As I only have the one (very nice) unit for Essex Boy and a fair bit of unpainted I’m not sure if this will see any progress this year. Maybe just paint the Swans!
  • 15mm AWI – sort the unpainted. Offload. Maybe finish the bits of rebasing that are outstanding. Painting unlikely….
  • 15mm Ancients – still stuff to re-base for my Punic War stuff. Sabots to obtain from Simon Miller when done. And a LOT of pikes and Gauls to paint. 2018 more likely I think….
  • 15mm Dark Age – only have a few Splintered Light but the few I have painted I like (Swans again) so am reluctant to sell.
  • 15mm ACW – with the game in March I need markers painting up and maybe some command. And fences. And sort through all the unpainted and ID the surplus. A lot of makes in there that just don’t fit so can go.
  • 20mm WSS – would like to finish the brigade of these as possible game with EB later in year would be nice
  • 20mm WW2 – have some PSC Americans. Maybe one day…. Would be sensible to paint a few of these for CoC?
  • 28mm SYW ImagiNations – LOTs of unpainted lead. Tail end of year may get some new units to bolster forces in prep for Ayton 2018. Maybe a few more Indians… J
  • 28mm C19th ImagiNations – These I intend to rebase and add to for use with SP2.  And a big boat waiting to be painted!
  • 28mm Lion Rampant – for Ayton this year. Need 24 points, Ideally 42. Have started. Have way too much plastic (including Arabs) but quite looking forward to painting a few!

I think that is it!

Over on LAW I have started a 2017 Painting Challenge (similar to the excellent Analog Hobbies Painting Challenge) but just points based. No special rounds or competitions etc. I’m keeping it really simple. 240 points between now and Ayton. That’s 12 foot/6 mounted a month which SHOULD see me sorted for Ayton. Anything else is a bonus.

So priorities for first half of year:

  • 15mm ACW for game in March
  • 28mm Normans etc. for Ayton at start of May.
  • Odds and ends that take my fancy.
  • And lots of sorting and selling.

Second half of year?

  • Finishing projects off and sorting. 6mm Modern. 6mm SYW
  • Make a start on some 28mm C18th for Ayton 2018.

And overall, play some more games!! Either at the clubs or at home if I ever get the attic cleared enough!

That’ll do for now. At least until I find a box of something I’ve missed…


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  1. You’ve shown great self control. I wish I had such a small list of projects to review.

    I like the idea of Men wwb Kings with the 10mm Sudan stuff. And of course a WSS game. Get your people to talk to my people.

    Good luck.

    I give you a week before you change your mind.

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