Plan? What plan?

Last night and this morning I had a productive little session prepping some Norman crossbowmen for Ayton, some plastic SF fighter type things to use with the 1/300 chaps, and finally varnished the Altefritzenburgers I painted last year and which I still have half the unit to do. I then popped into town and nipped into the Tyneside Club to confirm arrangements for an ACW game next week. Wherein, Richard, Lawrence and Phil (and Alex) were playing Star Wars X-Wing. I’ve avoided even trying this in the past as the system didn’t appeal. But Phil, (and I blame him entirely!) convinced me to take control of a X-Wing for a turn or two. What a bloody stupid idea!! It’s a rather fun system! I managed to inflict a little damage, take none, a fly unintentionally rather will in formation with Phil’s craft!

I then had to go but couldn’t resist nipping in to Forbidden Planet/Travelling Man. The Core sets were a little pricey there so I checked Amazon. Much cheaper.  I then had a pang of common sense and thought I would wait a couple of days to be sure. Then on a Facebook boardgame group someone offered up the Star Trek Attack Wing core set. A quick Google confirmed it was the same basic system and apparently a decent game. So it’s on its way… I’ll try this with my lad and if he likes it get the Star Wars anyway!


10 thoughts on “Plan? What plan?”

  1. Star Trek Attack Wing uses the same basic system but with some extra additions. Careful, the game can get addictive and quickly become a little/very expensive 😀

  2. I gave you a week before you changed your plans for 2017………it actually took you less than 24 hours.

    Big respect. You’re a legend.

  3. Yes, X-Wing is worth getting, after the initial expense, you can get a lot of games in, you don’t need a lot of models, just choose what you want.
    It can work out cheaper getting several core sets for the basic models than getting the ships individually, and having spare damage decks/ rules is always good!
    It was nice having you in the game even for a short time, you must try again! – you will be most welcome!

    • My lad seems really keen. We’d have been playing tonight if he hadn’t been a little sod this morning by locking himself in the bathroom and making him and his sister late for school!

  4. Herky is definitely right. If you want to build up some numbers cheaply get more core sets. I’d say get at least two to start then maybe look at the multi ship packs for better value. Keep an eye on Ebay and Amazon though because it’s quite common that someone has brand new ships at a huge discount, but only a limited amount and for limited time.

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