X-Wing again…

Today, Richard (Herkybird) at the Tyneside Club said they would be playing X-Wing again. My lad Zach has been asking to go down the club for a while for a ‘proper’ game. Saturday is a bad day in some ways: football and swimming (him not me!) so we weren’t able to get down until 2.30. However, Richard was kind enough to hold off the X-Wing until we got there. It ended up with myself, Zach and Richard playing against Lawrence and Alex. They took a couple of TFA X-Wings and myself and Richard took a TIE/fo with Zach grabbing a TIE/sf – something he had not played before. Nothing fancy, face off and fight!The X-Wings veered left and an TIE/fo and the TIE/sf headed to intercept while my TIE/fo headed to swing round the back. Richards TIE/fo almost came a cropper as both X-Wings attacked.But survived and mine and Zach’s fighters entered the fray. This was the first time Zach had really used locks and it was to prove quite useful.The X-Wings re-grouped… And things started to hot up! The rear arc of the TIE/sf was rather useful and Zach was able to get in a few shots from his rear arc.Unfortunately, Alex was to be the first victim. Losing his shields to Zach and then Richard was able to finish him off! We were then able to turn our attention to Lawrence who manoeuvred well and did some damage to Richard. And although we tried to get shots in they just weren’t telling and then Lawrence got a fine attack in on Richard and put an end to him! With locks on and shields gone it was only a matter of time before myself and Zach combined our attacks and then that was Lawrence gone! It was a good simple little game. Nothing fancy in terms of cards and upgrades but proves how well the game works in even its most basic form! And yet again Richard showed his generous side. He gave me a HWK-950 and an original Millenium Falcon as a thanks for sorting a website for his various rules and a Po Dameron X-Wing for Zach as a welcome to the club! Many thanks!

A pleasant end to the afternoon.

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  1. Thanks for joining in Andy, glad Zach enjoyed the visit! We will have to have a larger scenario game with you both some time!

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