We need bigger Swans!

Needless to say, for the coming 42mm Shiny game this weekend, I needed to do the Savage Swans in yet another scale! I’d done them in their C19th FPW’ish incarnation for previous Ayton games so it seemed sensible to do the same sort of figure for the 42mm versions. I used the same Spencer Smith STS Prussian marching figure. I do find this a bit of a pain to paint because of all the extra equipment and may see if there is a similar figure I could use with less… And for the Swans I went for the head with the plume! So, here are the Swans! Again… And commanded by Oberstmajor Johann Patrick von Donovan.

I needed to add a scabbard for him and used some thin card to make the straps for it. Then soaked them in super glue to harden them.

So we have the final little contingent for the game. Only two units of foot and some Jaeger but nice to get something done for it.

There will be pics of the game after the weekend. It’s going to look very lovely and shiny!


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