18th Century Odds and Ends

I’m moving house in a few weeks so I’ve been avoiding any major painting plans. The 15mm fantasy stuff has been packed away and I knew I had a few odds and ends of C18th ImagiNation figures that could keep me busy and still allow me to do my daily hobby sessions at least until the move day was more imminent!

So the first things I finished were some Crann Tara jaegers. These were some of the figures that were 3D designed and printed and then moulded and cast. I’d painted a test figure last year and then got distracted… They are nicely animated little figures but I feel the detail in some places is a little ‘soft’ and maybe not as pronounced and easy to paint as on some ‘sculped’ figures. Lovely little figures regardless. A few pics on the fantasy scenery before I cleared it away!

Again, last year, I’d done a test figure on some RSM hussars. It was time to finish those too! I’ve been lacking hussars in my army so it was good to do these. Inspired by Ken McGarry’s lovely red Minden hussars painted for the Ayton games a few years ago these are the Von Kenowski hussars.

The rest of the output was odds and ends of officers. While sorting and packing I found a few figures missed from The Great Re-Basing. So these got based up for use wherever. Minden General, a couple of RSM officers (2 mounted and 1 foot) and a Crann Tara hussar bugler.

I’d been missing the Crann Tara jaeger officer so Graham sent me it and a couple of foot officers and a couple of lovely mounted officers.

And finally, I’d picked up the mounted and foot Montcalm figures sculpted by the late Richard Ansell. Two lovely figures and a fine testament to Mr Ansell’s craft. I chose to paint them differently as I saw no use for a matching foot/mounted pair and needless to say they are in whatever colours inspired me at the time!

And there we have it. A few more random figures and a couple of units added to the roster. I’ve actually got some Crann Tara Irish Piquets on the go now! Whether I’ll get them done before having to pack up I’m not sure. We have a C18th ImagiNation game planned for September so I’d like to add a few more units by then. I have no need to but… 🙂

7 thoughts on “18th Century Odds and Ends”

  1. You’re a clever fellow, mate. I particularly like the way you’ve painted the horses.

    You should do some more hussars?


  2. As noted on the Law forum Andy – I cannot think of a better Combo than the colours in that top picture and I am going to copy it for some Medieval figures. Whats also so impressive is the way the blog is set up. You’re a bloody clever fellow
    Best wishes with the house move

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