Fantasy Madness – March of the Undead

After various fantasy themed months since Orctober the choice for March was to be undead. So, zombies, skellies etc. I had a few odds and ends already but needless to say I ordered more stuff! Got some skellies from Ral Partha and a pack from Battle Valor (along with the skeleton casualty pack (dead skellies??) The Battle Valor I didn’t like. They come in two parts and are quite skinny (obviously!) models. I broke a couple adjusting arms and gluing the two halves together was a faff. So I did 6 and then gave up…

I also had the Southern Death Cult pack from RPE and that seemed a good fit for a ‘leader’ group for the assorted undead. And some zombies. Have to have zombies. RPE again. And I spotted the 18mm VSF Samsut figures which looked a good choice as well! So that was a fair few to be going on with. And here we are on Day 9 of March of the Undead and I’m done! I think I may have hit a 15mm fantasy wall. I’ve done quite a few over the last months and I think it’s time for a change…

So the final round. March if the Undead!

The whole lot!

I’m quite pleased with the output. It’s cleared a few packs. I’ve got four random RPE figures primed and started which I’ll just do as the mood takes me but I think I need to move on to something new. I may adopt the plan of taking a month and devoting the entire month to a single project. However, April/May will (hopefully) see a house move so I’m not committing to anything…



3 thoughts on “Fantasy Madness – March of the Undead”

  1. I still have loads of fantasy figures in boxes upstairs, so well done doing yours!
    Still, I am getting some Star Wars stuff done, so I shouldn’t complain really!!!

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