Back to the 18th Century…again…

This coming weekend will see four of the LAW/Ayton guys (myself, Iain, Dave, and Gary) gathering for a one off game near Newark. Although there is a scenario the crux of the game for me will see my Alterfritzenburg army take on the might of Iain Burt (Essex Boy)’s Gateway army! We’ve quite fancied a straight up fight for a while but failing that we thought a wargame would do…

I spent a lot of lockdown last year re-basing my 28mm ImagiNation troops, adding a few units, a band, lots of odd figures just because they were nice, and generally trying to pull the whole force together… Despite that, and really needing to do nothing for this game, I had started a unit of Crann Tara Irish last year so thought it would be good to finish them and add another unit to the force.

So I present Das Eingelegte Kontingent. Made up of prisoners and deserters from the Gateway armies who saw their future with the benevolent State of Altefritzenburg rather than return to poverty and oppression in their homeland. Under the command of Nathaniel Pickled (rumoured to be a bastard son of the late General E Pickled) who considers himself the white sheep of what many consider a family of black sheep. They stand under the colours of Altefritzenburg but retain the coat of arms of their old land so that in battle others may see the path to true honour!

4 thoughts on “Back to the 18th Century…again…”

  1. Those Crann Tara castings are beautiful, so rarely a mould line to clean up. You can be forgiven for missing a few. Other than that, not bad at all, I suppose.


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