Regiment von Aranthur

I’ve been slowly getting back into my reading. Still struggling to make the time (lack of motivation rather than lack of time…) but I did finally finish the excellent Masters and Mages series by Miles Cameron. I liked the cover of the final book, Bright Steel.

Looking at the figure of Aranthur I thought the colour scheme would make a good one for another of my ImagiNation units. A dark yellow coat, green waistcoat and trousers, and turquoise facings. I did a test figure and then decide to go for it. So here we have Regiment von Aranthur! And a command stand as in the last game I found myself lacking brigade commanders…

The turqoiuse was initially mixed but I found it hard to keep it consistent and match between batches. But I found a nice Reaper Bright Turqoiuse that matched well with what I’d done so I went with that.

The flags follow the usual scheme of a unit/national flag and then another with the green of Altefritzenburg and the unit facings. I hadn’t intended having a circle in the centre so it’s a bit off but once mounted and shaped you can’t tell….

So another unit done. Next up, some dragoons I think. Can’t face another 30 figures at the moment!

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