Ratnik C18th Civilians

I spotted the resin C18th Civilian sets by Igor Karpov on Facebook earlier this year. Lovely sculpts based on images/prints by Edme Bouchardon which you can see here: Bouchardon in Getty Museum. I was on the verge of ordering a set from Russia when Graham Cummings (of Crann Tara fame) announced that he had secured rights to import the sets and have them cast in metal. These are now available from Gaming Figures here.

There are currently two civilian sets available, a French/Indian War set, and a third civilian set due any time. There are apparently a good few more sets to come! They are beautiful characterful sculpts, maybe a little large compared to the Minden figures but a closer match to Foundry/Front Rank et al. But as these will be ‘scatter’ figures it’s not really a big deal. I have the first two sets of ten and have painted half so far. Having recently completed a couple of big units I wanted a little change.

So here we have the citizens of Altefritzenburg gathering in the field to the south of the city to watch the newly arrived Regiment von Aranthur march past!

Highly recommended!

4 thoughts on “Ratnik C18th Civilians”

  1. I wish they would do some Star Wars civilians! – they would be great in scenarios!

    Nice work on those 18th C figures, by the way!

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