New dragoons for Altefritzenburg

NB Images updated as originals had too much shadow…

When we played the big C18th ImagiNation game in Newark last month I realised I was a little deficient in cavalry. I have a LOT of unpainted figures (RSM, Minden, Crann Tara) but cavalry always take ages to paint, even with 12 figure units. When Crann Tara released a Savoy Cavalry Trooper a couple of years ago it was such a lovely figure I had to have a unit. But getting round to painting them took longer than planned. So having recently completed a couple of foot units I thought it time to do some cavalry.

There is a #Bavarians painting challenge running on Twitter at the moment and I’d wanted to paint some of the Spencer Smith C19th figures I have. But as I have trouble staying focussed I decided to cheat a little and do a C18th ImagiNation unit but with the uniform based on the C18th Bavarian Preysing Dragoons. And Paul Bright commented that the uniform looked worrying like a Gateway Cavalry colour scheme. So here we have von Burtz dragoons!

I might redo the pics at some point as the lighting in the attic is a bit poor at night.

2 thoughts on “New dragoons for Altefritzenburg”

  1. Outstanding unit Andy, I’m sure they’ll be earning battle honours when you manage to get them on the table!

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