Pre-Ayton Update

The last few weeks have been focussed on getting ready for the long delayed (thanks Covid…) Ayton! I say focussed but during this time I’ve had to redecorate two rooms and deal with all the other life stuff that happens. So. Updates…

  1. Six Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge – Keeper Dave over on Twitter kicked off this idea. No lead purchases for 6 months! Reduce that mountain! There are a few minor ‘outs’ though:
    1. You get three ‘jokers’ for the odd LITTLE purchase. A blister pack. Ebay item. Nothing significant. I’ve already used one for the musicians I bought at at Battleground. Nine figures. And I was forced to buy them. Honest…
    2. SINGLE figures needed to complete a unit.
    3. Gifts don’t count. I’m going to avoid this one as I know I’ll abuse it!
    4. Post regular updates using #6MMRPC

I reckon I can stick with this one. Others will laugh at the idea…

2. Ayton!! Yes! We finally have a late in the year Ayton gathering having missed the last two years! No big C18th game this time but the biggie game on Sunday sees the 42mm Shiny stuff out in force. Tim Hall who is organising the game reckons we’ll have 14-1500 figures on the table. It better be a strong table! For the last game in Framlingham I had painted a small brigade. Two units of foot and some Jaegers. When a game was planned last year I planned a second brigade but only got a gun and crew done. So the last few weeks saw two more foot units done, a second jaeger unit. mounted officer and a Mitrailleuse and crew.

The Altefritzenburg uniforms mirror the three battalions from my C18th force. To be fair, I’ve not really enjoyed painting these. There’s been a lot going on and they require a very neat style to really look good. But the gloss varnish hides a lot of sins so I’m reasonably happy with them.

And on the Saturday I’m taking part in the Kumbayah game. This is a sort of 60s/70s dodgy African nation mercenaries foreigners interfering in it all sort of thing! I didn’t NEED to paint anything for this as people have LOTS of figures but hey, this is Ayton, so I decide to paint some Soviet advisers who it seems have actually been despatched to deliver a T-34 as a start for the fledgling Kumbayah Tank Museum! I had hoped to paint up a BTR-70 but just ran out of time. I could have rushed it today but felt that would be a waste of a good model so I’ll do it later…probably…

So here we have Major Donovanakov’s small contingent out training prior to their departure for Kumbayah.

Again, bit rushed getting these done but they will do. Others will be partaking of a BIG Hail Caesar game and some Old School Napoleonics.

Friday, Ian Burt (Essex Boy) and Tim Hall are putting on a 30mm Shiny ACW game at the hotel. Should be fun. In fact the whole weekend should be fun! I just hope my liver can cope. Really looking forward to it and catching up with the Ayton/LAW crew. There will be a LOT of pictures to post next week!

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