You can’t beat a red coat…

Despite having painted a British Converged Grenadier battalion last year I’ve had a hankering to paint more redcoats for my ImagiNation forces.

British Converged Grenadiers

I have an England/Britannia ‘country’ in my C18th world so had plans to just paint some Minden Horse, RSM Line, and some Eagle Hanoverians. Enough for a tidy little contingent. So plenty of options…

However… a while back I painted a unit of Crann Tara Irish Piquet as the Gateway Deserters and have another unit of these to do.

The Gateway Deserters

I wanted to do a 3 battalion brigade of these but rather than use the same figure I took advantage of the Black Friday sale at Fife and Drum last November and grabbed a unit of French with no turnbacks – a similar figure. That led me to the idea of doing them in red coats, and then as a proper Irish unit. I eventually settled on the Regiment Clare (I like the colour combo). I’d originally planned to do my own ImagiNation colours to keep the flags simple but having found an excellent version on the Not By Appointment site I managed to coax my duff printer into giving me a template I could use to paint them in my own style.

They were a bit of a nightmare to do but overall I’m happy with them. They look fine when mounted. So here we have my Irish in French service, Regiment Clare.

Other plans…

Having ccompleted the 6 core units for my Braunschweig force I’d planned to do similar for Altefritzenburg. I have enough RSM for 2 more units but wanted some sort of Reserve/Garrison units. Looking at Prussia as an example they seemed to have mostly blue coats, trousers and waistcoat so I thought I’d try the same but with Altefritzenburg green. Here is the first sample base.

RSM Altefritzenburg Reserve Battalion

Ayton is also looming in May so I’ve started the rebasing of my Shiny C19th stuff

I’ve still failed to do any serious sorting and tidying and despite my best laid plans of not adding to the C18th lead pile I will be adding some bits to my Ottomans!

Hopefully, I can make this the first a at last monthly updates. Vappa at York next weekend. Who know what chaos that may wreak on my plans!

5 thoughts on “You can’t beat a red coat…”

  1. Lovely units, Andy. You have been busy with the infantry. You should do some cuirassiers next.

    You certainly can’t beat a red coat. On the other hand, I’d forgotten how lovely the Gateway Deserters look. With a green coat like that, it’s no wonder they departed for an upgrade.


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