Small or Far Away…

As part of the effort to update the blog more often I’ll at least try and do an update once a month.

Having completed my Irish unit last month it was time to move back to RSMs and Alterfritzenburg! I’d started a test stand of the next unit in the last post but have slowly plugged away at them until finished on Friday. This is what will be the first of two reserve/garrison units. As they are not ‘regular’ units I decided they wouldn’t carry the full national Altefritzenburg flag…mainly because it’s a pain to paint!

So I decided to go for a simpler design and, as the unit has a mostly green uniform anyway I thought a different field colour would prevent green overload. So went for these:

So here we have the 1st Altefritzenburg Reserve Regiment. RSM figures, Minden command, Crann Tara fifer. And I really need to come up with some proper names for all the units!

A little something resurrected…

For those with long memories (2013) you may recall I started recreating my ImagiNation forces in 6mm. The justification being that I was never going to paint many 28mm figures for it…. yeah, right…

However, that project too stalled and in 2016 I passed what I had on to Paul Bright as he had plans for 6mm SYW/ImagiNation. Roll forward to 2021 (I think) and I was quite fancying 6mm again so I traded some 10mm Sudan and added funds to recover my 6mm plus all the bits Paul had added. Some of the additions were painted by him, some commissioned, some eBay purchases. But it definitely increased the the force size! And there was also a big box of unpainted stuff…

Now we come to the usual trauma of basing. These are all on 40mm frontage. My original units being 5 bases! Now they looked good but it basically meant I was playing small battles on a small table rather than big battles on a small table! I’ve looked at the SYW variant of DBN but to me a 40mm base just doesn’t look like a unit! So I’ve looked at the options:

One base too small. Two bases – flag in middle not easy. Three bases – flag in middle but still too big a foot print. So after much thought and a long chat with Peter Berry at Vapnartak it became clear why the Polemos 60mm frontage works! Just big enough to look like a unit. Small enough to have lots and represent big battles! So I finished off a batch of part painted Altefritzenburgers and started the slow process of rebasing! Each unit needs 2 flags as well so I’ve been replacing the poles on the standard bearers with steel and now have a lot of flags to paint!

I may push ahead with the rebasing and use some printed flags while I paint my own. But this is a side project. A slow burner that I can plug away at. In the meantime I will crack on with the last batch of RSMs for Altefritzenburg!

3 thoughts on “Small or Far Away…”

  1. Another splendid 28mm unit, with gorgeous flags.

    And the 6mm chaps are coming along nicely as well. Definitely better with one unit on a 60mm base…..although, the bases would be better with rounded corners.


  2. As ever, your painting puts mine to shame! I love the new units!

    One suggestion for an Irish Regiment serving with the ‘Savage Swans’ – how about the Guinness fowls?

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