6mm ImagiNation Project Update

The 6mm rebasing project is finally making some decent progress. Not quite enough for a big game yet but maybe a smallish one… Although one of the main aims is to have troops for the SYW variant of DBN I’ve strayed from the official basing as I don’t want light troops and artillery on big bases. I’ll probably do a separate limber/wagon base (generic) that can be combined with the gun bases… or something…

Anyway, this is what we have so far!

Needless to say I started with the Savage Swans and von Donovan’s Legion.

Then a brigade from Altefritzenburg with detached grenadiers.

I’ve mostly rebased the ‘French’ type troops I have but still have enough for another brigade at least. Here are the first brigade and some grenadiers (one lot from the Swans).

There is also a small contingent from The Gateway Alliance in the form of the Boleyn Regiment. Musketeers (by Paul) and detached Grenadiers (by Essex Boy). Not sure where the flags came from but I may leave them for now.

Amongst the stuff I got back from Paul B were quite a few red coated figures that I think he planned to do as Wild Geese. As I’ve done a 28mm Wild Geese I thought I do them in 6mm as well. Still enough stands to do another 2 units once I paint the extra command.

And finally, some guns and what I think are British FIW Lights from Paul B.

Definitely getting there from what I started with and the move to 60mm bases was definitely the right choice.

There’s still a lot to rebase but most are now a more basic paint job and I’m looking at ways to tart them up a bit. Maybe some washes (AP or Ink) and a little highlighting… Will see

Flags have been fun to do albeit a little fiddly in 6mm! Important thing was replacing the flag poles with brass rod fixed into the base. Done in usual style but you can be a lot more impressionistic in 6mm and they still look OK!

Having a little pause from the 6mm now while I crack on with another unit of 28mm RSM.


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