15mm Macedonian Pikemen

I’ve always wanted a pike army to add to me broadly Punic era 15mm armies but I’ve never really been able to face the prospect of painting all those figures! So , on one of the Forged in Battle ancients Kickstarters a few years ago I bought a load of pikemen. And they sat there. And waited. And I just couldn’t face the painting. Then while talking to a friend on Facebook he said that he did commission painting and would be up for painting some for me. So I sent him a few. Three years ago…

It took a while to get them done. He had plenty on the go and I was in no rush but I really fancied getting them done this year so just over a week ago he finished them, turned out to be travelling up to my area for work, and we finally met up and he handed them over!

I then spent about a week basing them. I repainted a few of the cloaks on the command figures just to differentiate them. But this should give me a good start!

I know I should maybe have gone for a lighter basing but ALL my stuff is based the same and I’m not changing now! I had 24 pikemen still sat in a bag so fancied doing another 32 figure blog. Westwind have been kind enough to send me them so they will be on the painting table post-hols.

I now need to decide exactly which pike army to focus on and paint up the extras! I feel a need for cataphracts….

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