What’s been happening…or not…

I started a draft of this post weeks ago. Been severely lacking in mojo of late. Work on house back in May proved disruptive both to routine and head.

And since typing that, many more weeks have passed… However, the last couple of weeks have seen a little activity. First off was a weekend in Ayton playing 28mm Dark Ages with Paul B’s new rules, A Bash of Shields. First proper playtest of them on day one and they were good fun.

Day Two saw Alex T from DBN Napoleonic Wargaming running his Eylau game for us all. I’d been ill in the night so didn’t join in until near the end but it was an entertaining game leading to a Russian victory.

A very entertaining weekend in good company – Alex T, Peeler, Paul, Tim W, EB. Martin.

Getting back to painting was a bit harder…but I did finally finish some Minden cuirassiers.

They are meant to be my version of the Braunschweig Kuirassiers as created by Tim Hall all those years ago for Ayton. Having joined my forces for a while these are now back with Mr Hall. But as they formed the genesis of my Braunschweig ImagiNation I felt I needed my version of them.

Nowhere near as beautiful and dynamic as the originals but done using Minden figures and basically the same colour scheme and flag.

And there’s more…some Foundry civilian types (from the Treasure Island pack), a command stand for Lord Peeler of Aytonia and I finally based up some Arabic types I painted months ago.

Which all looks like a lot of progress but it has been over months and months and at times has been a total grind…

But now things seem to be settling a little (in hobby if not in life and work) so I’ve returned to the rebasing of all the 6mm SYW stuff and done another pile and painted a few figures for the Altefritzenburg Grenzers…

Almost enough for a game!

So what comes next… I think I might do some more of the 10mm DBN – the French. And maybe some Saxons. And then it will be a return to the 28mm C18th!

And hopefully some more frequent blog updates….

2 thoughts on “What’s been happening…or not…”

  1. Fantastic progress ! Some lovely looking pics there – it’s difficult to pick out a favourite. Perhaps the Cuirassiers i think. And yes please more blog entries !

  2. It’s about time you posted something. And what a post…..certainly worth waiting for. I agree with Simon, the cuirassiers are my favourites, by a whisker.


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