Final Ratniks done…

Yes. I have finished the last of the Ratnik Miniatures civilians. One of those rare occasions when I’ve painted everything!

The final few were the gents and the sedan. The sedan was a bit of a faff to fit to the chairmen. The bars were too far apart for the hands so needed bending in quite a bit. And looking at the picture on the Gaming Figures website the guy leaning forward more is at the front but no matter how I tried I could get the bars in his hands without his foot getting in the way of the sedan. So they’ve changed places… And there is a small pin under the chair to stop it being pushed down out of the hands.

Quite pleased with it. The coat of arms was a bit fiddly.

Now. What to paint next….

2 thoughts on “Final Ratniks done…”

  1. That’s all seriously good, mate. Love the ‘chair’, and the Chairmen look right even if they are swapped around.

    Now all you need is a crushing defeat so your general can sneak off without being noticed.


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