Vapnartak 2024 Haul

Headed down to York yesterday afternoon to meet up with Norm and EB for scran and a few beers in preparation for today’s Vapnartak.

Didn’t take any photos (though there were some excellent games) but did meet with the LAW chaps in the bar at 12. So here is my little haul:

From top, left to right.

Barmaid from Colonel Bills, RSM cossacks courtesy of Tim W, Perry AWI French High Command, Pendraken cows, 2 packs of bases, Vallejo Black, ABC Brushes, Iron Gate Tables and benches, Warlord FIW characters, Bolt Action dice, D10s…

The wallpaper is from Jamie T to make assorted cobble and stone surfaces.

All in all, a good day. I could easily have spent more…

Roll on the next show.


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