71st again…

Played around with one of the other images in Gimp and it looks a bit better. At least there’s not the distraction of the unbased masses in the background!

Polly Oliver 15mm Figures

I’ve got quite a soft spot for this range and I quite fancy promoting it here. So, I’ve pulled a list out from an old website and I intend publishing images of each figure, painted (preferebly) or unpainted and try to get a complete set. I’ve got a fair few myself (mostly unpainted as yet!) … Read more

A First Attempt at Photos

I’m not a photographer and this is just to get something going but here is my current American Order of Battle: This is what I’ve got painted so far: First Line, left to right: Lee’s Legion Foot, Regular Light Infantry, Riflemen Second Line, behind the fence: Militia Third Line, Continentals: New York, Virginia, Maryland Cavalry: … Read more