A blast from the past!

Many moons ago when I first started wargaming (late 70’s) I began with 25mm Russian Napoleonics. As I started to attend Shrewsbury Wargames Club I obviously got interested in other periods. One that had a good run at the club was Medieval. At that time I wasn’t too up on the whole historical accuracy and … Read more

Some new deliveries…

This week has been a good week for stuff arriving despite the threat of post strikes. Having taken the plunge and decided on some Baccus Prussians I put an order through to Peter. I’d suggested an alternative shipping method given the strikes but he preferred to stick with Royal Mail. He nicely rushed the order … Read more

Today at the Club

Against all expectation I managed to secure a pass to get to the Club today. I hadn’t committed to a particular game but knew that Richard, Ian and Lawrence were doing a 28mm French Indian War skirmish and that there was likely to be a 6mm Grande Armee game. I was quite keen to see … Read more