An unexpected birthday present!

As part of the various purchases and trades that took place at Partizan betwixt myself, Essex Boy and Goat Major, I acquired all their surplus/leftover 10mm Pendraken League of Augsburg figures. This is a lovely range with some very nice sculpts and are amongst the ranges I’ve always fancied trying. Recent chat with EB about a possible project around these (with him and GM having dabbled already) led to the exchange of figures. I had a quick look in the box/bag on the day and only spotted the various primed/unpainted figures. After a few ‘hints” and comments from EB today it became clear I had not investigated his box (so to speak) adequately…

Further delving this evening revealed the only unit he had painted for his 10mm project! And it become clear why he said Happy Birthday on handing it over! As is usual for Mr Burt (EB) they are lovely figures, neatly based on steel and with his trademark lovely flags! I am most chuffed!

20160523_181655 20160523_181720 20160523_181734_001 20160523_181748

There is no way I’m going to try and re-base these or even add to them so this will be the format for all my units. When I get round to them. Stop laughing at the back!

Cheers Iain! Made my day!

4 thoughts on “An unexpected birthday present!”

  1. Stunning! And I can’t believe I didn’t wish you happy birthday at the show, Andy – somehow, that escaped my attention, so please accept belated birthday wishes. H

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