A few books…

I had a bit of a flurry of book buying activity over the last few weeks. Some through Amazon, a couple of eBay ones and some via Facebook. And a few from that persuasive Mr Ryan and Caliver books…. As the last few posts have inferred I am on a bit of an ACW splurge at the moment. Having acquired Regimental Fire and Fury from Iain Burt..


..it seemed sensible to acquire the two scenario books. These, like the rules, are rather nicely produced with some interesting ‘special’ rules.

rffv1 rffv2

A quick search online saw some recommendations for low level battle accounts and led to these two:

antietam chickamauga

And a rather good bargain on Facebook nabbed this lot!

dtacw Glory-Hallelujah-Cover officeracw uniformsacw wihacw

And finally, as I have all the SYW Wargaming in History books, Tim Hall recommended the ACW ones and Mr Ryan was able to oblige:

wihv3 wihv6 wihv10

That lot should keep me going for a while!

I’m slowly starting the re-basing of my Minfigs Union troops to put them on MDF and match the basing style of the rest of my stuff. And maybe paint a few more…


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