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15mm Ancient Spanish

Well, having set my immediate plans for the year to be focused on 28mm Imagi-nation, Cold War Commander and 6mm I thought I’d start the year by painting some 15mm Ancients! When I was dabbling with FoG late last year I started to plan what extra odds and ends I needed to make up units and for the Ancient Spanish (and hence the Carthaginian) I needed some Balearic slingers and a couple more elements of Heavy Cavalry. I’d had these undercoated for nearly a year so figured I should get them out of the way first!

First up are eight stands of Balearic Slingers from Corvus Belli:

Followed by two extra stands of ‘large-shield’ cavalry from Donnington Miniatures.

These were to go with two stands I had done waaay back in 1994 when I played DBM in Birmingham. The old stands were re-based to match, but it was only as I re-based them that I realised the horses supplied then are much smaller than those now.

I had intended to mix all the figures but in the end I kept both groups seperate, partly because of the horses and partly because my painting style has changed!

Anyway, a good start to the year with 28 painting credits and another 2 for the re-basing. Next up? Not sure. May do some more re-basing and then make a start on the Savage Swans…

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Rome vs. Carthage – Field of Glory AAR

Today I took a day off work and Ian from the Club came round and we prepared to do battle using the Field of Glory rules. We’ve only played them once before so to be hones there was a lot of re-learning going on at the start.

We decided to throw down pretty well all my Punic War figures, with two Roman Legions, some Latin troops and a Numidian Allied contingent. Facing these were a core of Carthaginian spears, Celtiberians, Gallic Cavalry and a large Spanish Allied contingent.

The initial deployment is shown here. Ian’s legions deployed on my right in the open ground facing the massed Gallic cavalry and the African spearmen supported by elephants.

The Spanish and Numidians faced off on my left, with my Celtiberians and more elephants holding the center.

Opening Moves:

The Gallic cavalry surged ahead of the advancing main line on the right

While on the left the Spanish Light Horse with supporting cavalry move forward to engage the Numidian Light horse, with the caetrati rushing to the attack.

The skirmishers draw close on the left.

While the Gallic cavalry ponder their chances against Rome’s finest…

… elephants surge across the low hills as the main line continues it’s advance.

The Left Flank:

On the Carthaginian left the opposing Light Horse engaged both with javelins from the hill and in close combat with support from the scutarii. But the Spanish seemed to be struggling with both groups disrupted.

Eventually the Numidian general led his troops off the hill to drive the Spanish back in disarray and pursued them around the flank. Meanwhile, the caetrati, despite outnumbering their Numidian opponents, were taking a severe beating as the scutarii rushed to their aid.

But the caetrati soon lost one battle group and were close to a second. The Numidian light horse victory was to be short lived as the Spanish cavalry wheeled into their flank and drove them, and their General off the table.

But as the last caetrati were driven off this opened up the flank for the scutarii and elephants to surge forward.

As the Spanish cavalry returned, the second Numidian light horse were driven off and as the skirmishes evaded the elephants and the Roman cavalry withdrew, the elephants moved to engage the flank of the Latin troops as the Celtiberians advanced on their front.

The Right Flank:

Meanwhile, on the right the famed Roman Velites were driven off by Cretan archers and more caetrati.

And as the battle lines closed the caetrati rushed to the flank to try and fend off the velites threatening the Gallic cavalry flanks.

It was at this point, with the main lines about to engage and with time running out, that Ian decided to withdraw the legions. He felt that the collapse of his flank and the prospect of the Spanish and elephants beginning to roll up his line meant that there was not enough time for the legions to break through before their flanks too were threatened.


My thoughts were that there was still a good chance of the legions succeeding. The Roman cavalry on my right, supported by the velites meant that my Gallic cavalry flank was not secure. Also, the legions were superior and that would have been a decisive factor against my average troops.

I also felt the legions were too slow in advancing and given the threat to their right flank, should have been seeking to engage as soon as possible. Despite the Spanish victory on the left, it would still have taken time to bring the troops to bear in significant numbers.

Skirmishers – now we may have been playing it wrong but there seems to be no may to disengage skirmishers? As my scutarii advanced on the left I wanted the caetrati to stop their interminable battle with the numidians and let the heavier troops drive them off. I couldn’t do this. It was frustrating and held up the whole flank until basically all my troops were dead!

We felt that towards the end we were starting to get the flow of the rules and PoA etc. and that the next game would be quicker. Again, we spent a lot of time reading the rule book – the index of which truly sucks! – and it was frustrating to yet again not get the battlelines fully engaged.

It was good fun and a good way to spend a Monday. Much better than working! Cheers to Ian for the game and the sandwich!

Looking forward to the next one…

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15mm Celtiberians (and a wagon!)

Finally finished my second BG of Celtiberians for Field of Glory. As mentioned elsewhere on the blog, Celtiberians formed the main Allied contingent in my DBM Polybian Roman army many years ago. I had them based as WB(F) so for FoG they needed to be 4 to a base. So I carefully counted the ones I had and ordered the extra from Donnington to make up a full second BG.

Unfortunately I miscounted and when I came to paint the extra found myself five figures short! Now I wanted to keep the whole unit Donnington so a trawl through the leadpile turned up a naked Gaesati, some Caetrati and a Carthiginian spearmen! I figure that as they are a mercenary unit there will be a few ‘hangers on’!

As with the other unit I have used Ligurians for standard bearer and musician although to be honest Gallic ones would have done.

While sorting figures I found the wagons I did years ago. Museum Miniatures, and always nice figures. I’ve bought a few more at Derby and will be painting them and re-basing the others at some point. And making sure the handlers are in period as well. Those supplied seem more medieval peasants than the ‘slaves’ I want for the ancients and the tricorn’d ones for my AWI!


Balearic Slingers I think…

And I’m thinking of taking a day off in November to try and arrange a game at home as I just don’t seem to make it to the club at the moment. This weekend starts with Disney on Ice:Princess Wishes on Friday, We’re going on a Bear Hunt stage version on Saturday, and a(nother!) 4th Birthday on Sunday. My daughter has a far better social life than me!…

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Ad triarios redisse

The triarii of my second legion finally take to the field! Finished these last night.

And as the battle draws to a close the triarii await the final attack…

These form the final battle group of my second legion:

Under the command of the consul for that year:

I had done the vexillum of the hastati and principes green to keep them colour coordinated but I think red looks better so I will be redoing the others.

I now have two good size legions for my MRRs for FoG and although at some point I plan to do the Allied legions as well, that may be a way down the track.

Now for some more Spanish…

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The rain in Spain…

…falls mainly on the hordes of Spanish warriors charging down from the hills!

Just finished re-basing the Spanish I got off Ian. I’d painted up a few command groups for them, two more stands of light horse, and re-based the first of my Celitiberians to give the army a good solid core!

So this was the start:

Nice neat paint job but no shading and basic bases. The army now looks like this:

Organised towards a FoG Basic Starter Army, all figures (apart from the Celtiberians) had a Klear wash.

The Celtiberians were the Spanish Allies for my old DBM Carthaginian army and needed rebasing as Heavy Foot rather than WB(F). They’re Donnington figures and although a little poor compared to some ranges now, they paint up rather nicely!

The LH on the left I painted to match those on the right…

I’m rather pleased with them really. So abig thanks to Ian for getting this army off the ground from a few allies to a full army!

I had ordered figures from Essex to do more Cavalry, Gauls, the rest of my Carthaginian Veteran Spear, a pack of Spanish Generals and a few other gap fillers. These arrived last week. TODAY… while tidying up I found a box with a pile of packs of figures at the bottom. And there was: Spanish Cavalry, Gauls, the rest of my Carthaginian Veteran Spear, a pack of Spanish Generals and a few other gap fillers and a load more Scutarii! Looks like I can now push the Light Horse up to maximum, more Cavaly so they can still be used with Romans and Carthaginians, and a couple more Scutarii BGs.

So, I still have 16 Celtiberians to give me my 2nd BG to paint. My 16 triarii. And a lot of Spanish! I may well do them in the same style: white undercoat, block and wash. When the wash works well they look fine.

Must update the total to the right now…

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